Where is the results from the first survey

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Where is the results from the first survey

Post by GreenGrass on Wed 23 Jul 2014, 2:04 am

I want to see the results from the first survey - where we had just 4 options? I want to know how many people selected "borrow an iPad from the school"

Other schools have had to resort to taking on debt in order to purchase the iPads. This is ridiculous because the debt is paid off over 30 years and the iPads are not expected to last much more than 3 years. This is about like taking out a 30 year loan to buy a car, so in 25 years you have gone through multiple cars and yet you are still paying for the first car. 

Check out this link: http://encinitasundercover.blogspot.com/2012/02/eusd-debt-for-ipads-scam-update.html

But my question is, how far off were we to 1:world with the current budget and inventory of iPads?


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